YTHD9050A High quality single basin undermount sink

YTHD9050A High quality single basin undermount sink

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1. Southeast Asia:Thailand /Malaysia /Indonesia /Vietnam / etc.
2. Middle East: UAE /Iran /Iraq / Syria / Kuwait / etc.

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Global Market:
1. Southeast Asia:Thailand /Malaysia /Indonesia /Vietnam / etc.
2. Middle East: UAE /Iran /Iraq / Syria / Kuwait / etc.
3. Africa:Nigeria /Ethiopia /Kenya / Congo /Zambia /South Africa/ etc.
4. South America:Chile /Bolivia /Brazil /Argentina /Peru /Ecuador/ etc.
5. Other:UK /Ireland /Russia / India / Pakistan/Bangladesh/ etc.
Know more: 
1.New Mould: discuss and open new mould based on demand.
2.Other surface finish: electroplating /satin /emboss 
3.Holes: Punch hole for faucet /soap dispenser /overflow

Basic Product Information

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Product Series: Handmade Sink Model No.: YTHS6045A
Material: SS201 or SS304 Size: 600x450x220mm
Logo: OEM/ODM Inch: 24x189
Finish: Satin polish,Nano black,Nano Gold,Nano Rose Gold. Thickness: 2.0+0.65,3.0+0.8MM (Up to you)
Faucet Hole: 0-2 Hole(up to you) Faucet Hole Size: 28mm/32mm/35mm(Up to you)
Drainer Hole Size: 110mm Packing: Carton
Place Of Origin: Guangdong China Warranty: 5 Years
Term Of Trade: EXW,FOB,CIF Payment Term: TT,LC,Alipay

Personal Tailor

4.Q:What is your payment term?
   A: T/T; 30% deposit in advance after confirm the order,70% balance will be paid before the shipment.
5.Q:Where is your company?
   A:It is located in Dongfeng Town,Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province,China.It is about 35 minutes to Guangzhou South Railway Station.

About the material1
About the material:

The sinks made of stainless steelsus201&sus304) has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength, oxidation resistance and so on.
You can choose 201 or 304

Different thicknesses correspond to different
consumer groups

Use advanced laser equipment to make trademarks.
Never fall off and fade.
Let your brand live on like a diamond.

A variety of colors are available for your choice.

yths (4)
yths (3)
Satin Polish
Nano Glod

 technology with a lavish finish (surface is

 repelling to water and oil as lotus leaf) makes it

anti-scratch and anti-dull from daily use. it

assures long lasting durability, performance,

and lustrous beauty. so the kitchen sink is so

easy to clean and free of finger print .

yths (2)
yths (1)
Nano Black
Nano Rose Gold
Round Drain Hole


Square Drain Hole

Square Drain Hole

Round Drain Hole

X-flowing water

Bottom sink grid intercepting garbage helps drainage,

and x-pattern drain grooves direct water toward drain to prevent water retention

Carton Packing (P7)
Pallet Packing (P5)
Color CartonPacking (P8)

Using foam Angle protection, so that the transportation process effectively protect the product.

Independent packaging, so that your products suitable for multiple sales channels, such as: Amazon, shops and so on.

Packing with inspection - free pallet.

For you to save a lot of transportation costs.

Make your product more competitive.

With luxury packaging,Add color to your product.

Stand out in the market.Independent packaging, so that your products suitable for multiple sales
channels, such as: Amazon, shops and so on.


A variety of accessories for you to choose from./ Matching accessories save you a lot of trouble.

For more information, please contact me.
We will create a different kitchen for your brand.

High-quality after-sales service: Should you have any further queries, please feel free to write to us and we will be glad to assist you within 24 hours.


Introducing the Single Bowl Undermount Sink: The Ultimate Addition to the Modern Kitchen

Single bowl undermount sinks are the perfect choice for those looking for style and functionality in their kitchen. Designed to integrate seamlessly with your countertop, this exceptional sink offers a sleek, modern look that enhances the aesthetics of any kitchen space. Let's take a closer look at the features that make this sink a must-have in your home.

First and foremost, this single bowl sink offers plenty of room for all your kitchen needs. With its deep basin and generous size, you can easily accommodate large pots, pans, and dishes without the hassle of moving them around. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast or the host of a large party, this sink has what you need for efficient food prep and easy cleanup.

The sink's recessed design ensures a seamless transition with the countertop, creating a visually appealing continuous surface. Not only does this enhance the overall look of the kitchen, but it makes cleaning a breeze. The recessed design eliminates any seams or crevices for a hygienic and low maintenance solution, say goodbye to dirt and grime that builds up around your sink rim.

Durability is also a prominent feature of single bowl undermount sinks. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this sink will withstand everyday use and maintain its stunning look for years to come. Not only is the stainless steel material resistant to scratches and stains, it is also rust-resistant, ensuring your sink will stay looking like new even with constant exposure to water and moisture.

In addition to durability, single bowl undermount sinks are designed with convenience in mind. The sink comes with a range of optional accessories including cutting boards, colanders and drying racks, enabling you to customize the sink to your exact requirements. Designed to fit perfectly over sinks, these accessories provide extra space and functionality for food preparation and organization.

Plus, this sink was designed with practicality in mind. The rounded corners of the washbasin not only contribute to the sleek look of the sink, but also make it easier to clean. By eliminating sharp edges, you can easily wipe off any food or liquid residue, preventing the growth of bacteria and ensuring a spotless kitchen environment.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, installation of the single-basin undermount sink is a breeze. This sink comes with a comprehensive installation guide providing step-by-step instructions to ensure a seamless and hassle-free installation. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer a professional installation, this sink is designed to suit your preferences, making installation simple and straightforward.

In conclusion, single bowl undermount sinks are the ultimate addition to your modern kitchen. Generously sized, seamlessly designed, durable, convenient and easy to install, this sink provides the perfect balance of function and style. Upgrade your kitchen with this remarkable sink and enjoy a functional, hygienic and visually stunning space for all your culinary needs.

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